ATG WORLD Marketing analysis for May 18

    The following analysis is for reference only, investors please pay attention to resist market risks!


    Following the recent German court ruling, the ECB reiterated that it would take all necessary steps to fulfil its mandate to defend its inflation target. The move came as the European Union released its latest economic outlook, which predicts the eurozone economy will contract by 7.7% this year, the worst economic shock since the 1930s. The European commission has warned that the European Union is facing its worst recession in history, threatening the future of the single currency if mishandled. In addition to the strong rise of the dollar also let the euro domestic turmoil fell. The above operation idea is as follows:

    Pressure: 1.0920-- 1.100 support: 1.080--1.070

    Today rebound around 1.0920 began to short the approach 1.0960 loss, the first order down around 1.0780 can participate in the rebound loss 1.0730 target 1.090 area



    The recent adjustment of the pound and the United States is significantly larger than that of the euro, which is more due to the fact that the eu is not optimistic about the brexit negotiations, and the fundamental brexit is another fear of a hard brexit. Market technology needs to be back to the low point of the early 2 times again appear a desperate birth, then the rise of the Central Line is natural. At the current pressure position of 1.2650, the breakthrough opens the uplink space. The above operation idea is as follows:

    Pressure :1.2230-- 1.240 support: 1.200-- 1.1930

    If the fall of 1.250 directly more than 1.1950 damage target 1.240 area, at least the empty order should not be in the short.



    Over the weekend, Japan began to resume school, meaning the epidemic control and risk aversion faded, so the yen fell back to do the main, so rebound 109.5 short short 110.3 losses again see 107.8, if the direct fall of 107 direct losses 106.5 see 109 to 111 area.ri.png


    Gold moved up as expected last week, with a target of 1752 in place. From the graph, gold morning again rush high to 1763 area, the area should not catch up, can wait for consolidation or callback to see the situation and decided, in addition, there is no clear downward signal, so should not short. Today's thinking, more single bag for an open position after watching, waiting for short signal, is currently limited to high shock or small correction, also do not see any significant correction signal



    Weekly ending positive for 3 consecutive weeks, oil prices rose mainly due to the "Opec +" this month to actively implement the production cut agreement, the crude oil market supply has declined, until the oil prices go up, the oil prices will continue to rise from the weekly line, the day of high selling low suction, cautious operation.