ATG WORLD Marketing analysis for May 19

    The following analysis is for reference only, investors please pay attention to resist market risks!


    Europe yesterday 1.0800 shock to retreat, then evening pull litre bounce, pressure 1.0920 30 a line to the expected pressure, date line has an entity saturation line, sun arises in the positive line shape, short-term market is expected to further extend, but it is important to note that the current market is still very complex, especially the influence of the basic slippery, so in the short term to Europe and the United States don't have a strong bullish expectations. Day top continue to focus on 1.0920-30 short pressure contention, if the breakthrough, its top will be heavy pressure, 1.0950, 1.1000 May constitute a further suppression. Below is concerned about 1.0870-50 support back step. Day steady temporary wait-and-see, radical can be short space, retreat support again short.



    Pound the United States yesterday since the shock rebound from around 1.2100, back to 1.2200 above, the sun closed a Yang, ending the consecutive negative line down. The upper part of the day to continue to focus on the 10 daily line 1.260/70 near the pressure test, the lower part of the focus on 1.2170-50 short support back step test, steady temporarily wait and see, radical can be in the above range of light warehouse low and high./uploads/image/2020/05/19/22.png


    Continuation of extremely narrow oscillations, direction unknown, temporary view



    Yesterday, gold first pulled up the rebound pressure 1765 line continues to be blocked, the evening market eventually retreat adjustment, fell to the expected support 1728, then the market low shock, the line closed with a long shadow line.

    Gold yesterday's trend can be said to be a twists and turns, early Powell speech by the impact of the market risk aversion surge, gold should have strong technical repair demand has appeared a wave of rally, and then the market continued to stay high shock, did not follow the momentum. Night market is down adjustment, technology demand is on the one hand, but the final quotation retracement or large amplitude, directly to the expected important support level, this is the new crown vaccine optimism that results in the decrease of the safe-haven demand of gold, has contributed to adjust demand, in short, gold yesterday volatility is a major factor caused by unstable due to market risk aversion, it or will continue to be a leading the main factors of gold in the future.



    Oil prices continue to go higher, today's sub-session recorded a high of 29.8, then fell, bulls continue to be strong, adhere to the principle of high selling low suction, to guard against the risk of uncontrollable crude oil.