ATG WORLD Marketing analysis for May 20

    The following analysis is for reference only, investors please pay attention to resist market risks!


    Europe  yesterday bounced back around 1.0980 after pressure to repair, fell back to around 1.0920, the overall rhythm continues to maintain reverse synchronization with the United States. Within days, Europe and the United States continue to focus on the upper 1.0980-1000 pressure test, the lower 1.0900 support test, stable temporarily wait and see, radical can be in the above range of light warehouse low and high.



    Pound  yesterday also bounced back from the shock, but the amplitude is not very big, the top of the 1.2300 line encountered obstacles. Although the day line received a sun, but the current hour chart has short overbought and deviated from the top of the performance, so the need to repeat the u. s. appear technical repair within days. On the top of the day focus on 1.2300 stress test, if the breakthrough can further look at the pressure around 1.2350, below focus on the support near 1.2200 contention. Operation on the stable temporary wait-and-see, radical around the above range for short - term low - altitude operation.



    Japan shock rebound, the measured pressure to 108 line, but its overall trend rhythm is slow and difficult to follow, so Japan also continue to take a wait-and-see attitude, technical focus on 108.0-2 pressure, below the focus on 107.5, 107.2-0 support test.



    Today, gold price continued upward resistance 1750/1755, below the more critical long/short divide is 1745, this position up and down to see the $10 fluctuation space, today to maintain the range of thinking. Today, gold can be high cast low suction, box sorting train of thought, 1735/1755 between the community, multi-empty watershed 1745. Morning opening today, the price of gold continued to go up to 1750, this trend may not continue strong, days recommended to wait for the European market to focus on the strength of gold to operate



    Oil price bulls are still strong, continued to rebound, the day continued to focus on the momentum of the rise, to high sell low suction based operation, to guard against the risk of the crude oil