ATG WORLD Marketing analysis for May 21

    The following analysis is for reference only, investors please pay attention to resist market risks!


    Affected by the dollar yesterday to repair, Europe and the United States yesterday bounced back from shock, as expected pressure of 1.1000 line, then the performance of pressure repair adjustment. The daily demand focuses on the pressure of 1.1000, the lower focus is on the contention for support around 1.0950/40, and the focus is on the test of 1.0920-00 support band on the 5th daily line. In terms of operation, it can continue to carry out short-term low-to-high altitude operation in the range of 1.0980-1000 and 1.0920-00.



    The United States yesterday under pressure 1.2300 adjustment, the day closed a cross - star line. The performance of pound America is still weak, mainly because it reflects the lack of upward momentum is stronger. Japanese structure, short - term pound overall weak, if the sustained shock, then the risk of further reduction will increase. It is advisable to wait and see during the day, focusing on 1.2200 contention./uploads/image/2020/05/21/22.png


    The United States and Japan continued to trade sideways, continue to pay attention to the range of 108-107, temporarily wait and see.



    The bank of Canada believes weaker demand from the global outbreak will outweigh the impact on the supply side, putting downward pressure on prices. While acknowledging that the crisis could lead to a permanent contraction in both supply and demand, the impact on business and consumer spending is greater. Although gold has been restrained due to the recovery of risk appetite sentiment, but overall is still high hopes. Gold is set to shine this week as investors take a more cautious approach to riskier assets. Gold has found solace around $1,750, a level not seen in more than a year, and could move higher if risk aversion returns in full swing.

    Gold following yesterday's 1749.5 short order entry and 1754 near the empty order, smooth fall to 1742, reduce the position after locking a part of the profit between 1755- 1742 wide range of shock, today's gold morning peak rushed to 1754 pressure, pressure down again, the current offer 1746./uploads/image/2020/05/21/44.png


    Data show that crude oil demand in China, the world's second largest oil consumer, has recovered to the pre-epidemic level of 13 million b/d, as oil prices continue to rise and the market remains optimistic and sticks to the principle of "sell high, buy low".