This event is for Foreign Exchange Currency Pairs, Precious Metals, Crude Oil. For these products, 1 lot is 1 standard lot. For Stocks, Index and CFD transaction 1 lot is counted as 0.1 standard lot. Products not mentioned above are not included.

Start Date : 01 September 2023            End Date : 31 December 2023

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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

When you deposit $ 1000, You get 10% bonus

Free margin increment

Bonus can be withdrawn

Deposit magnification 1.10 times

Bonus can be withdrawn

Credit bonus - $100

Margin increase - $1100

Maximize deposit - $1100

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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Activity Details

1. This event is applicable to Standard accounts, VIP accounts and ECN accounts (the event does not support PAMM and MAM).

2. After successful account registration and customer made first deposit, customer can enjoy this bonus activity by applying to customer service email: and each MT5 trading account can get a bonus of up to $20,000.

3. All valid deposits and trading lots of the account with the same name are counted separately. The internal transfer of funds and commissions from the same-named account to another same-named trading account will not be counted as valid deposits.

4. The bonus will be reflected in your trading account in the form of credit.

5. After the client registers for the bonus in the customer service centre and is successfully reviewed, the bonus generated by the deposit will be sent to your trading account within 24 hours or one working day. During the participation in this event, if the customer has made any withdrawal or transfer, all the bonus will be deducted, and when the subsequent deposit is made, only the new deposit will be counted for bonus calculation.

6. The bonus can resists losses: When the net value/credit amount<=110%, you should supplement funds appropriately to ensure sufficient funds in your account during the event period, which is very important for you to successfully obtain the 10% event bonus. When the account net value <= 0, the system will forcibly end the activity and withdraw the bonus.

7. For the orders that occupy the bonus when opening a position, the corresponding transaction volume generated is only used for the calculation of the bonus lot and not for other purposes.

8. Bonus deduction and withdrawal terms:

  • a) During the activity period, if the transaction volume has not been completed, any withdrawal from the account participating in the activity or internal transfer from the account with the same name are not permitted as the requirement has not met and in this case we will take back all the bonuses.
  • b) In case there will be unfinished trading lots after the validity period, the bonus will be automatically withdrawn as the bonus expires.
  • c) No further notice will be given when the bonus is withdrawn or removed from the account.

9. During the activity period, when you reach the trading lot requirement in advance, please send a request via email to to apply for bonus withdrawal. The bonus withdrawal template is as follows:

[Event Settlement - 10% Bonus YYYYMMDD]

Account Name: XXX

Account Number: XXX

  • 1. Requirements: Total deposit of xxx USD, applied for xxx USD bonus, can be withdrawn after trading xxx standard lots during the activity period.
  • 2. Starting date:
  • 3. Settlement date ( Application Date for bonus withdrawal):

10. The client has full responsibility to ensure that the account has sufficient margin before the activity expires, so that when withdrawing or cancelling the bonus, the existing positions in the account will not be forced to close due to insufficient margin. When the account has a liquidation or liquidation situation, the system will force the liquidation. Before the force liquidation order, ATG WORLD will not notify again. Customers should carefully consider risk tolerance and financial status before making a withdrawal application.

11. During the event, if participants are found to violate the terms and conditions, such as using accounts with the same IP address to trade at the same time, or using multiple accounts ( not limited to ATG WORLD internal accounts, but also between accounts of different brokers) Linkage, arbitrage and malicious hedging, high-frequency trading arbitrage, quotation delay arbitrage, using bonuses to trade a large number of lots, continuous or multiple one-way transactions, excessive concentration of trading products and other improper trading methods expose positions to high risks. In case of any situation, ATG WORLD has the right to refuse its participation in this event, disqualify it, recover improper profits and terminate the cooperative relationship with customers.

Any termination of the cooperative relationship (cancellation of activity qualifications, withdrawal of improper profits, etc..) caused by improper trading methods shall be borne by the improper traders themselves, and the judgement standard of trading methods shall be determined by ATG WORLD. In addition, for the sake of customer privacy and the protection of rights and interests, ATG WORLD may not be able to provide relevant proof.

Customers who participate in this activity are deemed to have known and agreed that if they are judged to have improper trading behaviour in the future, they have no right to publish malicious comments or words that damage the reputation of ATG WORLD in any social media and channels, otherwise the improper trader and those who assist in the dissemination of information will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

12. This activity is not shared with other activities in the same period. If the customer has already participated in the old bonus activity, he must complete the previous activity before participating in this activity. Before the end of the previous activity, the customer is obliged to ensure that the bonus of the previous activity will be withdrawn and all the rewards of the previous activity will be given up.

13. ATG WORLD reserves the right to change, suspend, terminate this activity and any related terms at any time.

14. Please note that this activity is not applicable to Chinese (Mainland) and Taiwan customers holding Islamic accounts.

15. When the user closes the position during the event, the bonus will be offset against the amount of the loss. When the amount of the loss is greater than 1000 USD, ATG reserves the right to refuse to clear it and withdraw the remaining bonus.

16. The holding time for position must be at least 10 minutes.

Event Programme

Event product

This event is for Foreign Exchange Currency Pairs, Precious Metals, Crude Oil. For these products, 1 lot is 1 standard lot. For Stocks, Index and CFD transaction 1 lot is counted as 0.1 standard lot. Products not mentioned above are not included.

Bonus Rules

1. Bonus calculation is as follows : bonus amount = deposit amount *10%. The minimum deposit is 1,000 US dollars, and the maximum bonus is 20,000 US dollars equivalent to 200,000 US dollars deposit.

2. The validity period of the bonus is the same as the event end date ( 31 December 2023 ).

3. Bonus Withdrawal Conditions: Within the activity period, the bonus can be withdrawn after completing the required volume which is calculated as deposit amount * 10% * 0.3 standard lot. Only closed orders will be counted,open orders will not be included in the effective trading volume.

  • Your deposit amount
  • 10% bonus we provide
  • Multiplied your bonus by 0.3
  • Number of lots to trade
  • $1,000
  • 100
  • 100*30
  • 30 lots

Risk statement

Since the purpose of this bonus is to increase profit opportunities rather than credit loans, customers should always pay attention to their actual available margin amount. When the actual available margin in the account is insufficient, you need to increase the margin in time to prevent the account from being automatically closed due to insufficient margin. Please be informed that ATG WORLD is not responsible for any risks that may arise as a result.

Risk warning

The company services include leveraged derivatives such as foreign exchange and CFDs, and the risk of incidental losses may exceed your deposited funds, which may not be suitable for all investors. It is your responsibility to fully understand the risks that exist in margin or leveraged transactions before trading, and carefully considers your investment objectives, experience level and risk tolerance. If you cannot bear the loss, please do not invest rashly. Before you trade, if you have any doubts about any product, ATG WORLD recommends that you seek independent professional advice. Please note that ATG WORLD is not responsible and will not be involved in any losses caused by trading in accordance with recommendations or orders.