Deposit Trading Bonus Programme

Start Date : 01 June 2024            End Date : 31 December 2024

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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Terms and Conditions - Deposit Trading Bonus Programme

1. This limited-time event is only available to new standard accounts that deposit funds through the event registration page or send an email to during the period from June 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. VIP accounts and ECN accounts are not supported (PAMM, MAM and copy accounts are not supported)

2. The bonus will be added to your trading account within 1 working day after the deposit is confirmed.

3. Bonus ratio this time is as high as 100%. The table of bonus corresponding to the deposit amount is as follows:

Gear Deposit (USD) Bonus (USD)
First gear 100-499 100
Second gear 500-999 400
Third gear 1000-1999 500
Fourth gear 2000-2999 600
Fifth gear 3000-4999 750
Sixth gear 5000-7999 1000
Seventh gear 8000-9999 1200
Eighth gear 10000-19999 1500
Ninth gear 20000-49999 3000
Tenth gear 50000-99999 5000
Eleventh gear 100000+ 10000

(ATG Markets may increase the bonus amount at its discretion)

4. The bonus of this activity can be cashed out after reaching the requirements of the rules . ( Rules require: bonus amount*0.2=standard lot ) For example: for a bonus of $100, the required standard lot is: 100*0.2=20 lots. (Stock CFD or digital currency is not included in the standard lot, calculated as 0.1 lot) The number of lots that do not hold a position for at least 5 minutes is not included.

5. The bonus is deposited in the form of credit , and the redemption deadline is December 31, 2024. After the expiration date, the remaining credit in all ATG Markets real accounts will be cleared. ATG Markets reserves the right to extend or shorten the bonus activity time without further notice .

6. The bonus will be issued in the form of credit and cannot resist risks. Investors should check their account status at any time: if your account net value is equal to or lower than the "credit" limit, the account "balance" is equal to or lower than the "credit" limit, and your number of lots that do not meet the rule requirements will be cleared. If your account has a negative value due to the clearing of the credit limit, ATG Markets has the right to require you to fill the account deficit. It is recommended that you pay attention to the account trading status in real time and ensure that the account net value is not lower than the credit limit.

7. During the event , the bonus (credit) will be cleared at the same time. If the number of lots traded during the same period does not meet the rule requirements, the number of lots will be cleared to 0. If the number of lots meets the rule requirements, please refer to Rule 8 for operation. If you make another deposit, you can apply for the bonus again and recalculate the number of lots required by the rules.

8. During the event, when you reach the required number of lots in advance , you can send an email to to apply for bonus withdrawal. The bonus withdrawal template is as follows

[Activity Settlement- Bonus YYYYMM] Name (Account)

Name: XXX

Account: XXX

1. Requirements: Total deposit is xxx USD, apply for xxx USD bonus, and you can withdraw after trading x standard lots during the event.

2. Start Date::

3. Settlement Date:

9. During the event, if it is found that the contestant violates the terms of the event, such as using accounts with the same IP address to trade at the same time, or using multiple accounts (not limited to ATG Markets internal accounts, but (between different broker accounts) linkage, arbitrage and malicious hedging, high-frequency trading arbitrage, quote delay arbitrage, using bonuses to trade a large number of lots, continuous or multiple one-way transactions, excessive concentration of trading products, etc., which leads to high risk of holding positions. In any case, ATG Markets has the right to refuse its participation in this event, cancel its qualification, recover improper profits and terminate its cooperation with the customer.

Any termination of the partnership due to improper trading methods (cancellation of event qualifications, improper withdrawal of profits, etc.) shall be borne by the improper trader, and the judgment criteria for the trading method shall be determined by ATG Markets. In addition, in order to protect customer privacy and rights, ATG Markets may not be able to provide relevant proof. Customers who participate in this event are deemed to be aware and agree that if they are judged to have improper trading behavior in the future, they have no right to make malicious comments or remarks that damage the reputation of ATG Markets on any social media and channels, otherwise improper merchants and those who assist in spreading information will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

10. This event is not shared with other events during the same period. If the customer has participated in the old bonus event, he/she must complete the previous event before participating in this event. Before the end of the previous event, the customer is obliged to ensure that the bonus of the previous event is cancelled and all rewards of the previous event are given up after receiving the cancellation notice.

11. For this activity, internal transfers, balance adjustments or other deposit methods will not be considered as new deposits.

12. ATG Markets reserves the right and the right to interpret the event and any related terms at any time.